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Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 9, 2018

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Trump Hillary twitter accounts LOL

Spending Bill passes and DACA is not in it

Budget passed until March and 2 year military spending bill
passed 71-28
Has to pass in the house as well 

Sean Hannity

David Laufman resignation is a big deal, see thread

DOJ filed to remove citizenship from a convicted illegal from the visa lottery tied to terrorists and who mailed money to terrorists
Hillary's sinister plan

3 Cons In a Fountain - Ben Garison

FISA Memo make Obamagate bigger than Watergate

Mexico is not sending its best

Haiti, full of sex crimes on the people there

Harvey Weinstein cases w/ LAPD

Bangkok - smog & air is so bad, they kept people in side,
probably something like chemtrails

Monkey watching a card trick - priceless

Texts implicating Obama from Page & Strzok

Huge Food Stamp Decrease 

Acupuncture Points to decrease pain, etc

Kamala Harris Aide Impersonating Police Officers

Stock Market fall

Mom adandons newborn at airport - heartbreaking


DOSSIER MEMO - Corruption

Trump Blocks Dem's version of memo, -  Good

Devin Nunes letter

Letter to Comey

McCain helped w/ dossier, discovered in October 2017

McCain - did he eaves drop on phone calls

#3 At Dept of Justice Stepping Down

Dead People's Remains being shipped to China

Hillary and Bill Clinton about to be indicted

Whole Foods

Comey was forced to tell after texts were revealed

Congress votes to  repeal advisory board

Lazaro Ecenarro

Jeff Zucker is separating from wife after 21 years

Nunes orders transcripts of top secret court

don't get mad, get even

closing in on the crimnals

Spies paid $100,000 for shady dirt on Trump

Final Report - Opoiod Crisis

Trump Nomination

Did Strzok break FBI code? 

6 Agencies conspired to wire tap Trump

Ex Obama official affirms Dossier was given to state dept

Trump message about Libya to Congress

report on drug pricing

Homeland Security agent sentenced for taking bribes

Oklahoma man pleads guilty to child porn

Judge Jeanine - we are on the brink of indictments

John Kelly - don't think he's retiring just yet

Senator Mark Warner exposed

Rothschilds fund raising????