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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bradley Manning - Chelsea Manning - War Crimes

Bradley Manning discovered sick war crimes and human torture and reported it to Wikileaks.

In early 2000's when Bradley Manning discovered human torture, he did not know how to digest it, or take it, and it was not about protecting any particular country, it was about all sides losing at war, and the destruction of lives, people, and reality of the hidden insides of war that he discovered.

This article reveals what he could not stand, and that he was seeing murders on all sides that were unrelated to serving any country, or achieving any peace. 

It would not be until many years later, (the 2016 election) that the real secrets behind war were ever revealed, and since the main stream media lied about what Bradley, now Chelsea Manning revealed, the false narrative still holds as "truth" when it shields the government lie until now.

In those early 2000's my mom was on a Facebook page that was detailing the torture of Bradley Manning who was jailed, abused, mistreated, left without clothing, and humiliated for his actual bravery into trying to save humanity, and to tell someone what he was seeing.  It would always be a questions that I have for Chelsea how he found and heard of Wikilieaks and Julian at his young age, but that was a very smart thing to do.  Even though people tried to call him a traitor, these people were not understanding of modern war.

My friend's husband entered the service to go to Irag at about this same age, only to destroy his entire personality.  He got there to see the cruelty of the sickness inside war now, and it ruined his beautiful innocent mind.  He saw places where people put a wire across the road between 2 trees, and when people on motorcycle would drive through that, they would become decapitated.  He saw people being trapped into holes that could not get out, and they were left to be tortured in the sun and die a slow death without being able to get out. 

This was not war like bang bang, the way it was portrayed on television, this was cruelty to a level that involved being so horrible and torturous that it cannot fit or live inside a healthy soul.

I do not know Bradley, but I did see the people on Facebook in groups trying to save him, and my mom showed me them.  I followed and joined one group, and thought it was the most horrible story I had ever known of.  One time, someone went to then President Barack Obama and told about his cruel mistreatment in jail, and Barack said, "he's fine" and he trusted the prison.  That is when I learned that Obama was a monster, and unfit to serve. 

Anyone entering the service does sign up to protect, and defend this country from the threat of war and terrorists, but they do not know what that means, until there are sent in to see the sick twisted fighting in other countries that are into human torture.  And no man, with an ounce of humanity, expects to fight like this, and then come back and pretend that is not what they saw. 

We cannot unsee war.  We cannot unsee mental cruelty, and torture.  It's a permanent picture.

I remember the pain of Bradley, now Chelsea's family CRYING to be heard on the internet, and of course the main stream was flipping the narrative about Chelsea, calling him a traitor and other names.  It was a very long sentence, and many years of torture.  In fact, I remember he was so depressed, I think he might have tried to take his life.  They would not let him talk to anyone, and left him in solitary.  He was so young, and so distraught, it's a MIRACLE that he ever survived.

I judge no one, and I want the actual facts out there.  And this has nothing at all to do w/ his/her choice to transition, that is a personal subject for each person to decide.

What I want to focus on is the truth, so that people know that the secrets that were revealed by Bradley, now Chelsea are actually saving us because once out, they cannot be ignored.

The wars, all of them were costly, perpetrated by government to lie about what they were hiding, and to keep us in the dark.  Those wars, were spending money all wrong, and making money all wrong while an underground pedophile ring was in the background.

The reason we have to free all of the truth tellers, and stop allowing for the lie is that the lie is what is killing our nation and by now, we need to recognize that.

I am not sure that politics is the place for Chelsea, it's a disgusting rat race, and so jaded for decades that I would not want my child in it, especially in their young lives.  However, if that is the direction that she wants to go, she has to get support and understand of who she is, and what she did for us as a nation.

Our job is to PROTECT, the people that try to tell us the truth, and stop letting fake news, destroy lives and the narrative.

The LIE they told about Bradley, now Chelsea was finally righted tonight, when they published that her revealing the details of the sick crimes and torture did not kill any Americans.

article on US Military admits that no one died

Julian Assange



I am not an Obama fan, but he was right to Free Chelsea Manning, and he had to.

It was 100% wrong to have violated Chelsea the way that they did, and to lie about why.