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Friday, February 9, 2018

February 10, 2018

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Justice W/ Judge Jeanine

Las Vegas autopsy released

Missing 5 year old - sexually assaulted, found under a trailer

Affidavit Lt. General McInerney

Video on Hillary ordering the murder of Chris Stevens

Opium Fields Burn


Paul Rand

Health Care
False claims rulings Supreme Court

January Q info

All corrupt roads lead to Obama

Wow, the pressure is now hitting the high school over acting

Olympics - embarrassing

Comey reopened Hillary investigaton because they sat on the texts and emails for 1 month and knew they were getting caught

Welfare for refugees $870M A Year

FISA Court is so deep state approved in 1979

Dossier now linked to John Kerry


Dossier & Christopher Steele

Uranium One

Judicial Nominees

Google Fined in searches (manipulating searches)

Uranium One Informant Testifies that Moscow Sent Millions To Clintons

Protecting the murdered victims - James Woods

McCain on the dossier

Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan - Wikipedia

Million Man March

Was the March bad or good?

Nancy Pelosi Speech on DACA
We need to have a democratic shut up a thon

Illegal Killed her son but she speaks so well to protect others

illegal killed 19 year old

500,000 Steralized in Kenya

Clinton Foundation under investigation

Abuse allegations

Lying about the flu shot since so many of of are wide awake

How To Leak To The Press

Boston MA, 33 Pounds of Fentanyl Seized that is enough to kill 7 million people
State population is 6.8 Million people

President Emergency Operations Center


Man pleads guilty in FL to helping ISIS

Alabama Man Sex w/ Minor

John Kennedy on Secret Society

Criminals going to Gitmo

Oxycotin will stop promoting to doctors

Kim Cattral's brother died, very sad, no lost love between girls at Sex in the City

Rush Limbaugh on truth - They were going to erase America

Trump On Welfare of Illegals and those coming here

Hong Kong CEO Resigns

Leon Mexico - Container stolen 7 state alert in Mexico

State Costs Of Illegals - Map

Allegations shatter our lives
no recovery from them

Lies we tell per day, even just not to get into conversations

House Bans Sexual Relationships Among Staff

Walgreen's Men can use Woman's rooms

Dreamer comments on being used as a pawn

Mom of Bengazhi Victim, speaking out