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The truth never changes, lies always do

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May 31, 2018

Sean Hannity

Kim Jong Un wept after seeing poverty

In Germany people abandoned their cars over the gas prices,  good idea

Hillary's approval rating all time low

Illegals using minors to enter USA 3 times increase

MS13 filmed the murder of a 15 year old

29 People in court over sexual exploitation charges

Trey Gowdy - wow, what's up w/ him?

Ex USC med school dean - drugs and prostitutes

Loretta Lynch signed off on spying on Trump

Dinoesh Pardon

Mueller investigation expenditures

Samantha Bee 

State Farm pulls ads after Samantha Bee

Obama - Logan Act

NAFTA - Trudeau

Kid Wins Student can wear Trump shirt - hard to believe this had to go to court 

Megyn Kelly - can't play well w/ others

Paul Ryan undercuts Trump on tariffs

The people that change the world, SOL

Google calls Conservatives Nazis , Instagram censors Donald Trump Jr

Allison Mack - branding women was her idea

Sally Fields tweet

Trump Roseanne double standard

Boston - Grads want to wear military saches over Graduation gowns

Boston MA  High School Dean shot student

Trump pardons

VIrginia Congress - candidate admits he's a pedo

Trump to impose total ban on German luxury cars

Obama Running Spygate against Trump

Appeals court hold In God We Trust on currency

Trump on firing Sessions

ABC will lose 60 million from canceling Roseanne