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The truth never changes, lies always do

Thursday, May 31, 2018

June 1 2018 Friday

Sean Hannity

Woman raised a pair of lions, they remembered her 7 years later

City to award stipends of $1000 to prevent murders of those most likely to kill people

Jailing Soros

Usain Bolt


Courtney Love

Hawaiian Judge Orders the end of memes about judges

Obama and his tanked economy

Obama's net worth went up 438% while he sold out USA 

Obama spied on Trump way before we thought

Trump knocks MSM for burying surveillance story 

Hillary shopped Bengazhi story 1 week after 

Admitted pedophile running for office in Congress

He can run, from restored rights of felons

USA output of oil way up

Failures of Sheriff Brown

Wow, Theresa May

Jobs numbers

Susan Rice's son, President of Standford Republicans

Jeff Sessions supervised

Unemployment reaches 1969 low of 3.38 percent

Spygate came from a drunk in a bar, but finally NY times posts it

TBS scrubs entire episode of Samantha Bee

Florida jury awards $4 for a man shot in his home

Chelmsford MA Flags

Trump names new homeland security advisor

Joh Benet Ramsi forensic psychiatrist shot outside of his office

Huge letter from Kim Jung Un To President TRump

Free Tommy Protest in NY City

California banning travel

80 holistic doctors killed so far

Carter page

San Diego Border Wall Begins

2 bodies found in hotel in Vegas

Pass a budget or cancel vacations

5 ways to spy on Trump

30 year old moves out of his parents house

Hillarys bulge under her coat

Media lying about Trump has to correct it

Google drone

Big letter from King Jung Un

Disney hiring convicted pedophiles