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Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 27, 2018 Saturday

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The Plot Against Trump & Flynn

Koch Brothers pledge $400 Million for Republican mid terms

Trump Says Release the Memo

This could be page 1, not sure

Sessions does not want the memo released, does not look good, but I think that this could be fake news we don't know


Sean Hannity's Account - he's very upset

Sean Hannity's Twitter account goes down

Julian Assange on Sean Hannity acount

Twitter in trouble for fake accounts


Julian Assange on Joe Biden rigging judicial system in another country

Wikileaks on Uranium One & Mueller

Q & Trump

Trump's Message worked in Davos

Kathy O'Brien raped by Hillary

DOJ trying to prevent memo from being released

Michael Horowitz - in the thick of the mud puddle of corruption

Wikileaks on Russian hacking on twitter

National Defense Act - to protect ourselves

Federal Law in place to protect us from enemy's

Mexico Drug Bust w/ Fentanyl  Coming Across Border


Diamond & Silk

FBI agents were threatened if they did not drop Hillary probe

Why they did not indict Hillary

Senator Grassley sent out letters

Letter to John Podesta

All people that got letters get 2 weeks to respond

Tom Fitton - Enough Evidence To Arrest Hillary Now

GPS Blackouts

Wow, insane tweets from sexually abused Newsweek editor

USA Gymnastics Board resigning after sexual abuse neglect on the athletes and covering up for sexual abuse and harassment
Obama lied about Hillary's Private Server

Audit manager makes input on White Hats, Etc

Trump Respects Americans

Trump giving a purple heart to a wounder soldier

Trump calls out the press in Davos

Admiral Rogers
Joe DiNova interview

The fake me too hashtags that just try to get money

Google caught censoring the word Jesus

Trump talking about The Prince's w/ their bad leadership and daddy's money

Saudi Prince released


Hillary not commenting on her former staffer sexual misconduct

A Drunk Hillary

Returning Snowden to USA - I think it's happening


Canadian Couple murdered

GOP Tweetstorm over memo

House Bill 4001 aimed at cutting welfare benefits and abuses theirin

Alan Dershowitz

Federal Judge orders speed release of over 1 million Clinton Obama documents

Wynn resigns as GOP Finance Chairman after allegations surface

Stock goes down following resignation

Nascar Scandal

Sara Sanders w/ Jim Acosta  LMAO

Lynch DOJ staffer stole files to sell

IMPORTANT Watch  this video in part was made in November, but has important data
Las Vegas - whole story does not make sense

Busted Democratic Mayor

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi owes more in taxes on her 3 homes after  Trump's Tax Cut

Home Deport Calling Out Pelosi


President Trump giving a wounded soldier a purple heart

The Refugee resettlement in North Carolina turned it to a blue state vs. S. Carolina, which took in far fewer refugees

Campbell's Soup leaving Canada to move to US

And here's Oprah chillin w/ George Soros

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in Bundy case

Military video done last year

Military Tribunals

Anheuser-Bush investing 2 Billion in USA

Chicago - Porsche chase

Scott Baio