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Monday, January 22, 2018

Child Exploitation

In the land of child and sex trafficking, the perfect prey are kids made up in pageants, gymnastics, skating competitions, since predators lurk watching them excel in anything.

I worked at a hotel where the traumatized kids were put into costumes and makeup and could not even play or get dirty before they were to prance on stage.  I never knew this was an industry set to exploit children until I saw it first hand, and the guilty culprits were the parents of these kids, most of them hungry for money and fame.

They also spent thousands to put their innocent children in the spotlight.

I never got over Jon Bonnet Ramsi murder, and what they did to that child, and now that we know all about Hollywood and what they do to their child stars, we have to protect our kids, and NOT want to make them famous or abuse them for the predators that lurk.

So in this disturbing expose that I just saw over an 8 year old transgender child on the stage, I was so heartbroken, because people just continue to abuse children, and give them a fake identity based on their idea that they have to turn heads, be in the spotlight, and work as kids in order to be accepted.

You could take any child at all, put them in makeup and costumes, and start a whole new generation that makes them prey to child abuse, sex trafficking, and a satanic way of life.  It is my hope that one day, no one does this to their children.