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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Roy Moore - Alabama Rigged The Election

December 13, 2017
Statement From Roy Moore

NewsFlash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Forged

Newsflash - Gloria Allred being investigated

Roy Moore

Roy Moore

Roy Moore - big lead

More holes in the Roy Moore accuser

the mother of the victim

Roger Stone

More Roy Moore Accusers

Wife went to school w/ 5th accuser
Roy Moore = Swing Vote  nullifying McCain that's why

Hannity Backs Off and should back off,

Roy Moore

Roy moore - Bring it on

great question?  Roy Moore accuser should have asked Roy to recuse himself if he did indeed have that history w/ her.

CNN caught altering Moore Signature

Kellyanne on Moore

Roy Moore - So Strong

Still Report

Sean Hannity on Roy Moore's Letter

Is Mitch McConnel behind Roy Moore?

Conservatives Still Committed to Moore

Gloria Allred lying

Mitch McConnell trying to get out Moore & Trump?

Roy Moore Church - standing ovation

Roy Moore still in

GOP Admits the scam against setting up Roy Moore

The MSM trying to destroy our elections via tampering and unfair coverage

All sexual assaults being ignored while they focus on Roy Moore

Well that was fast

So Busted

Roy Moore story unfolds, all lies

Facebook shuts down story of lies & the forged yearbook

Roy's Winning

Something is totally wrong, they even called the election before the votes were all done, I do not believe this election, like the rest, they rigged it (I believe)

Roy Moore
Did they rig it?  I think so

Huge Rigged Election

Fox News, Roy Moore - Recount?

Q Update on rigged election

Wikileaks Email on rigging machines & it keeps getting deleted by twitter

Thousands of Felons register to vote

Steve Bannon speechless, as we all are

Court Tries to Allow for Destruction of the voting records

Waking up to Voter Fraud & the courts backing ignoring election rules & perserving ballots

Doug Jones background

InfoWars - Don't save the ballots

Election Stolen

Follow the white rabbit

Q Update

Q - Rigging the Election for Doug Jones

cheating to win = democrats

Election Fraud coming to light

Hannity = Election Rigging

5 Things That went wrong for Moore

Roy Moore - Military Ballots Come in in favor of Roy Moore

Women were paid

Voter Fraud
Roy Moore

Rigged Election Roy Moore

Voter fraud caught works for DNC

Roy Moore Military recount puts him in the lead

Roy Moore still in the fight

Judge Stays Order to Prevent destruction of ballots

Roy Moore Takes Polygraph & files for Election Fraud Case