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Saturday, November 18, 2017

People are Done With Fake News - The Rise Of Conservatives Is Now

Democrats lied and tricked people for generations, and were behind the scenes as the most sick and demonic people in the planet. 

The banks were running the show, and also involved in satanic child sacrifice, drugs, big Pharma, poisoning food and water, starvation, Obamacare, and our filthy criminal government.

When we found out, that our government was doing this, we became ONE.  One people, with our new President, that would rescue our fallen nation. 

Main Stream Media is taking itself down, and losing their audience , people are waking up by the millions.  We automatically had trusted decades of news, as the source of what was happening, when the whole thing was a sham, and sick plot to hide government crimes. 

Fake News is so sickening, and despite being caught, they continue to lie and lie so much that no one can believe them.

They have been caught staging fake stories, 2 reporters in the same scene, etc,
They were caught faking the drowning of immigrants (that were filmed in shallow water)

The rise of Conservatives and truth is altering social media, and they have no way to stop it.  Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, Breitbart, and others have risen so much that these channels will end up being so irrelevant that they won't even have a cable spot one day.

Consequences are going to fall hard on those that have deleted videos, harassed on twitter, and tampered with both free speech and the election.

Jeff Sessions yesterday DEFINED for the country, that law and order is being utilized as we speak.

The minority always was the Democrats, they used the platform and cheated their way into victory, with massive voter fraud,

There cannot be any more time as a nation that we allow for terror, inhumane mistreatment of each other, torture, child trafficking, pedophilia, drugs, the sale of children, and so on.  That was all done by the sick elite, and it has been revealed now.

There are more conservatives than "democrats", and without even knowing what we learned in 2017, we still put in President Trump.  After the sick showing from 2017, the year long purge of how sick they really are and have been behind our backs, there are even millions more, moving into the future.

The fake news criminals should face huge consequences for lying to us, and rigging an election, and still lying now.  They have barely come out any disdain for their own candidates crimes.

Conservatives are still being targeted by criminally run web sites, and even though those sites cannnot do this, they have been.

YouTube has deleted many of my videos, and cannot, they cannot sensor free speech

This was my interview with JM Talboo, my partner on pedogate, and they deleted this and many videos from my channel.

Twitter banned Roseanne Barr on 11/17/17 for free speech

Websites are going to face consequences, and funny, they are so jealous of new sites, like Gab, and Bitchute, that operate like "normal" companies.

In the upcoming months, fake news, is going to fall even harder, as those people have recklessly misled and destroyed the US economy, and people's lives, through a false narrative.

We will no longer fall for it, nor take it, and the results are in, but their fight is still to abuse their platforms, and trick people, into the agenda of New World Order.