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Friday, November 3, 2017

Roseanne Barr 2017 & Roseanne ReBoot 2018

2017  birthday fun wishes for the lady that loves to laugh
You are Marvelous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roseanne is a true patriot, and amazing survivor, leader, comedian, and grand ma ma !!!!

Roseanne's Garden  Grandma Joy

Love Roseanne, truthful and funny

Dec 12

Roseanne Tweet

Roseanne's TV Show



The best thing you can teach your kids to do is to laugh, it carries them through everything

Roseanne reboot aired on March 27, 2018
Huge ratings and a call from President Trump

All of the buzz on Twitter,  even some liberals were having a blast, who knew????

Dinner prayer - MAGA

Can America actually combine again & see the humor????  If anyone can do it, Roseanne can, LOL

For real, my ex husband was a democrat, and I had to keep telling him things, and truth, and he roared laughing now, on seeing this,  what a change a year can make 

Welcome Home America, Roseanne  did you actually ever leave?  Does not feel like it, watching that was as though, not even one minute went by  LOL

Watch Twitter when the comedy queen takes the stage?   yes, everything else was on hold LOL

The James Woods Compliment

Roseanne & Jackie on "simple math"

The Joy of Laughter

A Trump Truth during Roseanne

LOL The Bradford File

Political insider says show will be a hit for ABC

Prager U - Power to Roseanne for empowering women, men, and everyone to be their best selves, and laugh along the way

Fox News, The Name Trump means ratings

Roseanne outperforms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Roseanne Ratings continue to climb huge huge success

Liz Crokin

Roseanne, in Canada 

Roseanne in Canada April 2018