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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Long list of names and people

This is why the Clinton's and Hollywood were so tight, birds of a feather

Florida - arrests

Westminster UK

New York Times Executive On Leave

Dustin Hoffman w/ a minor teenager

Kevin Spacey update

2nd Kevin Spacey assuser

Corey names his abuser

Corey Feldman on Dr. Oz

People reporting their abuses as pedogate slams Hollywood

Rick Perry - Sierra Club makes most idiotic statement ever about sexual assault

Weiner suing his own company - trying to retrieve emails
actress says he raped her twice

Warner Brothers Severs Ties w/ Bret Ratner

He files libel lawsuit, it won't help it will make it worse

Hollywood Rabbit Hole - video on pedos

Jeremey Piven pulled from late Show

Dustin Hoffman 2nd Accuser

Kevin Spacey Tweet?  For Real

Kevin Spacey Foundation shut down, website deleted

Rape Lawsuit against Playboy girls that were brutally raped

Tony & John Podesta are being arrested according to this news here

11 Princes Arrested  Podesta Arrested

up to Nov 4th

Richard Dreyfuess Son says molested by Kevin Spacey ******************

Nov 5th

Kentucky  House Speaker resigns

Kevin Spacey pulled out of awards

Beyond Belief - Weinstein hired army of spies to silence his victims Gov't pedogate


Randy Quaid on Weinstein
Weinstein is not the only actor to hire Israeli spies to destroy us

NY May seek indictments on Weinstein next week

Brace yourself everyone, these reports are going to get harder to stomach, like this one

NY Times cuts ties w/ Weinstein and attorney

Kevin Spacey - so creepy

I had to google why people flash, I had no idea, so disgusting = for power over people

Finally LA Times doing their job for Corey Feldman

Richard Dreyfuss' son Harry Dreyfuss on Kevin Spacey


Pedogate in Royal Family

Many hours on twitter over pedogate, but it's impossible right now, twitter censors everyone, I have to be so glad I'm sending via email, they are trying to hide all of this regarding pedogate and arrests

The alleged raper is suing the victim & other's have come forward as well

Kevin Spacey

Woah, Shocker OMG

Charlie Sheen divorce papers 9 (trying to save his own kids from being sexually abused)

Do I think Charlie's father was a pedo?  yes I do

Minnesota Senator


Harvard Law - Anal Sex - OMG

Amazon Execs etc

Kevin Spacey - a big bully

More on Corey Haim, so horrible

LA Police finally listening to Corey Feldman

Heartbreaking - Steven Seagal

Charlie Sheen denies allegations

Sen Roy Moore

This could be a smear campaign, still waiting to see

LAPD drop the case on Corey - due to statute of limitations

Trying to set up Trump w/ "girls"  he said no

Weinstein's Lawyers Silencing the PResss

Senator joins Weinstein in sexual misconduct

Louis CK Comedian

Not prosecuting the IRS Scandal

Kevin cut from 50th anniversary of Carol Brunette

Corey Haim's mother

Mueller files 264 elite pedophile indictments - this is huge

Pedo arrests going down tonight in DC
Follow The White Rabbit
This being sent on twitter

George Takei

Warren Jeff

Obama secret service Look how long they hid this pedo story

McCain Institute tied to pedogate & Clinton donors


Richard Dreyfuss


Pedogate was known in 2014 and hidden,  NY Times wrote this article, trying to not call in a crime back then, almost 3 years ago.  No one was understanding that it was a "ring" way back, now look at today, all that was done to those kids, and the predators allowed to kill, kidnap, rape, incest, you name it

When the lawyers try to harass the victims and destroy them over details, that is when the predators do not get prosecuted, I'm glad to see this judge said no to this request

Warner Brothers

Podestas sold children to Saudi's

More Hollywood pedogate

HUGE Read, combined update

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