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Monday, August 27, 2018

Statement on Isaac Green (AntiSchool)

FOR the people that won't cease gossip and lies, and accept the truth.  This is the case of YouTube et Al and myself and Isaac Green

I created a petition over the internet abuse, and many people sought damages for their censorship and unpaid monetization.

When internet channels were unlawfully shut down, I reached out to SEVERAL people to alert them of the law, and FOR FREE, I typed up several sets of what their legal rights were, even if they were using a different lawyer.  Since I know how to do this, I did this for others, in a fight to save our internet rights.  It was very time consuming, and expensive, but I did it for all of us.

Isaac was the one I thought would use his platform to fight for the rest, and set a new standard w/ me for internet abuse.  Isaac is so very selfish, entitled, and would not listen.  From day one.  He was a pain in the ____.   When I was explaining case details to him, he would tweet, text, talk to other people, be on his computer, and never pay attention when I was telling him what we needed to do.  He was careless, and gossiped like a girl, I told him once he leaked more than Comey.

He would be endangering the case, at the onset, when he would talk to strangers that used him to try to find out what I had done and filed, and relay it to the other side.  Isaac would not stop doing that, he was secretly emailing other attorney's and other people, and could have ruined the case.  No matter what I told him, he leaked it to others, and I was forced to operate and not let him have all case data, since he was leaking it.

He knew nothing, it was me, so why weren't the people calling me?  They were the other side, trying to find out things, to interfere in the case, or to get a way to blackmail, and make sure we got nothing,  Isaac, would not stop talking.  He was jeopardizing everything, and so "high" on himself that people were contacting him.  He would not stop emailing total strangers, he had NO REGARD for me, or my money in the case, just his own.  He also invented some form of his own worth (at age 21) that was not realistic, and decided he was entitled to all of that money.  He thought the world owed him millions, but he failed to grasp that in court, all money awards have to be proven to a jury, and he had to create his losses in terms of what money he did lose by not having his own channels.  As I tried to work that with him, it was like dragging a rock, and pulling him to sit down and have a conversation.  He wanted me to do the whole thing, and carry him, his only job, "making a video with me" and even that was difficult.  

I had to get him to do a video about Julian Assange, Issac was too selfish to care about anyone else, or their suffering, he only does things that concern him.  

Isaac did not spend one dime of his own money on the case filing fee, which everyone pays to the court, or any other costs.  His long list of initial supporters did.  I had him ask for help, and some of my supporters gave him money, to help him, and they helped me too.   He got enough donations to START HIS OWN COMPANY, at age 21, and make a record and sell it,  all from donations.  He also got money from donations to go to hearings that were held in my state, not his.

The cost to send pleadings to the attorneys for every response to every motions they were filing, including copies at 11 cent each page, envelopes, and mailing them at about $5.50 each lawyer, each response.  Their lawyers sent me over 1000 pages of documents that had to be answered.  Isaac did not cover those costs, I did.  He put in a couple hundred in donations,  I have spent over $1000 on this case in costs, and we are not done.

This case was landmark since I revealed all internet crimes, embezzlement, Patreon embezzlement, and more, when most attorney's would only deal with things that were not crimes and all civil damages.  

At any time, Isaac could have moved his case to Florida, joined another case, or he could have gotten a lawyer.  When I told him I would not help him any longer, I recited these options to him again.

Isaac was never a good person to work with, he was so selfish.  While the case was stronger with 2 voices, and 2 channels, I put up with his horrible attitude, and spent hours explaining to him, the bigger picture and why it was important to fight for all channels.

One day, he sent me a link that Q was fake, and a con on everyone.  I really was stunned.  So I told him, OK fine, if you do not believe in Q, then make one video and then stop talking about it.  Instead, he would not stop talking about it, was putting down others that wanted to post about Q, and he had tried to set me up to share and spread that article he had sent me, and I did not do it.   He was ruining his own channel by continuing to make more videos on this, and not letting it go.  We can all choose to leave something, but it does not become your identity.  Isaac went on a tare, and it was ridiculous, and he was putting down other channels.   

This was just another massive issue, while we were in court, it became a new problem, and he would not listen to me, realizing he was only out for himself and did not care what he was doing to other channels that did "Q" connections and all.  Channels were being targeted for posting Q, (as well as when I did it) and this law suit was for all our rights to post what we want, and the audience goes where they want, and what they believe in.

I had my own point of exhaustion, and all of the crimes I was seeing were going unpunished, and I had it with everything, including Q, I was so stressed out following things, a very hard process for me at my age and with all of the other work I was doing,  people actually threatened me over it, but I really ignored all of that bullying.  It was my own realization that a few things that were up on the board were not accurate, but the rest was.

I also was stunned at one point when the FBI, and CIA, tried to investigate Q for the Boom Boom Boom, and never could detect or disclose who is behind the keyboard.  What I did notice is that Q became a movement, of everyone thinking for themselves, and bonding together and teaming up.  And I left it alone.  We have had some amazing things for 10 months from Q, that no one else brought up, or gave us, and so it's been a hard working individual or team.  Just fascinating.  No one should bully or put down a person that wants to stop reporting on Q, there are plenty of people that can take over.  If you don't have a channel, you have no idea how exhausted we are, and how much news there is to cover.  And anyone should be free to not report on things, and not be bullied.  That being said, you only need 1 video to state your position, and people need to respect that.  What Isaac did, was poke the bear.  He just kept it up, and would not listen to me.  It was too much to handle, on top of all of the other issues I was having with him and he tried very hard to use me, and my own audience to go against Q, and to share this link he sent me.  I did not send it around, since I have no idea if it was real or fake.   I also just know that SOMEONE is genius, and posting and outsmarting the FBI and CIA.  That I love, because they are doing it with goodness, and information that we need.

Isaac had lucked out like he could not ever have dreamed of, since  4 of the 7 attorneys defaulted their own clients, and we just had to take it to the finish line.  

It was Isaac's job, to learn how to argue law in front of a judge.  He was so hard to reach, and not cooperative, in a case that had lawyers going off the wall because they had screwed up.  Isaac was a "bad student" and just was not reachable to the magnitude of this case and how he had to appear in court.  He had to sound professional & coherent, and speak like his own lawyer, that is what Pro-Se is, and I was trying to prepare him.  Without doing that, he would lose his own case, but he was so cocky, and just really a thorn unto himself, that he missed his opportunity to learn what he needed to do.

When Armando was killed by a drunk driver, he started hounding me within 2 days of his death, and I had gotten a court continuance.  I texted him, told him that, and he would not listen, but kept bothering me during a time of sheer pain and distress, and he was only worried about money.  

I finally had had it, and ended helping him.  As I did that, I went over all of his options.  He could have handed his case to the right attorney, for a massive victorious landslide, as we had sued for a lot, and they had defaulted.  

Isaac can open a new case, join someone else's case, or contact the DA, the DOJ, and the AG for the channels of his they took and he is due restitution.  This case, if he let it go and did not transfer it, or appear,  I have no idea of the status,  he should learn from his mistakes, and not make them a second time.  But he plays a professional victim, when in fact, he did this to himself, and then pretended he did not know why.  If anything, I am 100% clear.  

Supporters of both channels need to stop trying to go to me, get reaction, go to  him, get reaction, and keep an issue going as the trolls, and those that gossip are.  The only reason I made a statement is that a bunch of twisted people are lying about the facts, and trolling me, and they have no right to.  People need to mind their own business, also, as people do not want to put this on the internet, there is a right to privacy even when you have a case or an issue go wrong.  Those that love to gossip, try to instigate and keep things going, when they give no regard to truth.  If you are that lost, you won't even get the truth from a statement,