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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 26, 2018 Tuesday

Catching a smuggler

Sara Sanders on immigration

Obama statistics

Malik Obama w/ Obama's birth certificate

Trump on getting illegals out

Kim Jung Un removed all anti trump propaganda from his country

DHS reports dead animals put on porches

Trump immigration

Impeach Trump

Sean Spicer

Chinese State


Weiner's laptop

Netflix tanks,uid_cNoxW9n8K-2I5wLs86DoCA_5:0


Intern suspended for 1 week

David Hogg

Video games = mental disorder

Fake news pushing for open borders

Obama, Immigration

Dem arrested for threatening to murder Rep Children

Italy blocking boatloads of migrants

California going to recycle sewer water & all its chemicals

Jim Acosta getting kicked off the stage

Christopher Wray - super weak

Michael Cohen says seized documents protected by atty client

Voters will punish democrats

Trump goes after Jimmy Fallon


Kathy Griffin

Trump greets President Abdual

girl who lied about being raped, sent to jail


Maxine Waters


Soros, finally getting it

Ethics complaint filed against Maxine Waters


NY Sargent only gets 3 years for rape

Time magazine cover

Facebook politics dangerous for society

Sara Sanders bullied at restaurant

Trump demands inquiry

partial immunity deal for Julian

Severely mentally ill - John Legend

Maxine Waters

liberal screams FU at Trump

Q = amazing video

Mark Warner busted

21 shot in Chicago

man sets himself on fire

leaker pleads guilty

Cuamo violated election laws

Supreme Court upholds travel ban

Travel Ban

Sealed indictment unsealed Allison Mack Keith Rainere

Kennedy sides w/ Trump

Hillary - electoral college

Biden says no to 2020

Buzz Aldrin

Maxine Waters

Obama in Africa

Keith Rainere

Sex Cult

17 States Sue Trump


Hunger strike

Child Trafficking

Red Hen owner resigns after refusing to serve Sara Sanders

Loretta Lynch

Soros Obama

Peter Strzok


Obama - expanded detention


Sanders - bullied far more than we knew


Red Hen closed until July 5


RNC ad

Plane searched

Red Hen Owner - pedogate

Wanted poster

Sara gets Secret Service protection

Michael Avenati turned down Sean Spicer premier

Dem tries to abolish ICE

Steve Scalise


6 Billion