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Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018 Saturday

Immigration conditions

Alan Dershowitz
IG report - should have been much tougher on Comey

Great quote
when someone says you've changed, it just means you've stop living life their way

Hidden corvette

Theresa May

Merkel suffering = karma

Email Rules = Hillary Clinton

Twitter harassment

Gowdy snaps

Jason Chaffetz

Del Blasio = Slumlord

Big Pharma medication side effects

Filthy boating docks

They jailed Manafort to force him to turn on Trump

Facebook should hire Diamond and Silk

trying to break Cohen

Obama library $$$$$


President Trump

Sean Spicer

Re-Election Tweet

Whitehouse Ignored Trump's request to invite Putin to the Whitehouse????

Words To The Wise

My tweet to Trump