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Monday, March 19, 2018

US District Court - Concord New Hampshire

This page is to update the court pleadings and filings

Senior Executive Service - new staff  around minute 11 of this video

Way to look up people in the Senior Executive Service

Isaac Green Pleadings
Motion to life provisional seal

Motion to reinstate virtual Property and accounts

Legal Argument to consolidate  (now they want to keep additional Plaintiff's separate)

For Natasha, the exact same paperwork, thus, the reason we consolidate is so that court costs and witness burden, size of files, and pleadings is not duplicate, etc

Additional Pleading,

Natasha Discovery Request for Defendants  (Isaac's is virtually the same)

Judges Lobby & Clerk's Notice

YouTube Exhibit - failure to Monetize Videos and channels

Prior case info here

original case filing