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Friday, March 16, 2018

Senior Executive Services

This has been a secret for decades but is being revealed now, and it covers the crimes in high government, as well as judges in all levels of courts that are paid of, and commit crimes, deny due process and go after innocent people

The "money" trail is always the key, and some of the people have truly heinous connections to people they should not, just as fired McCabe, and say Petet Strzok who texted to Lisa Page that they wanted to "meet a judge" in a group setting so it did not look conspicuous

Also Judges, cops, FBI are money makers, they want revenue,  look at this Ticket Industry

Traffic and Ticket Scams by cops - $6 Billion industry

Certain states are so disgusting to their own citizens for this revenue, they work w/ judges to give tickets even when the cops perjure themselves on a daily basis

Massachusetts is like this, and does this for a large chunk of revenue, and the cops are frightening bullies, trying to paralyze victims to not even fight the tickets because they are scared of the cops

The Untouchables done by American Intelligence Media is #1  Worth Watching

#1 Also You Are Free TV

Senior Executive Services

Massachusetts Federal Courts are all this jaded and corrupt and do pay for play scams with companies like Marriott and Liberty Mutual insurance to rip off victims from their own right to compensation

Other states that have corrupt government do this as well,  I know this about Massachusetts because that is why they lied about me, because I was telling the truth about their crimes and bias

I hope they stop abusing their power and have to be fired for what they did in the past