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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Monday February 19, 2018

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President's Day
Eric Trump's Tweet to his dad

Despite the fake climate everywhere, we are all w/ President Trump

All the President's Men,  and then Obama

OMG, roaring, over this one

The democrats fear peace so much, they pretend it's Trump's fault

Warren Buffet last year, dumps Walmart for Amazon

Where Amazon Data Centers Are Located

Amazon caught w/ 400 count charge on pestisides

article about Julian, and Edward Snowden

wikileaks vault

ending cyber stalking

Obama's scam exposed

Maryland GOP Candidate raffles off his rifle

Eric Boiling, President Trump


Q Board is gone, closed down w/ last tweets about Trump's birthday

Q Post

B account

B's only other post about the FBI once account is back up

Gitmo getting full - Anonymous

Dustin on Q


Maxine Waters Attended Louis Farakan Convention

Catholic Archbishop sick pedo

Going after Joy Behar, over Mike Pence and his religion

North Korean's face deportation in Canada

FBI ignores threat of terror attack in Florida at a March festival

Melania Trump being w/ kids that are ill - so priceless

longest book tour I've ever seen, started last summer, when I joked about her book for kitty litter, now she's going to Austrialia?  what about prison

Joe Biden

Trump exposing Oprah, no way to twist that around

We The People Make 28 Counts of Treason

Florida lies on the shooting

Philadelphia, 4 charged in child trafficking

school walkout for gun control, liberals have lost their minds

Michael Jackson

End the witchhunt, lock them up, Dan Bongino

democrats wanted to run on Russia collusion until November

James Munder, a driver on the security team for Trump "forgot" his personal gun
and was detained, WOW, people are so sick,

Himalayan salt lamps are good for you

Sessions investigating FBI

More trouble for Mueller

Barron Trump taking a picture of a marine, so priceless

staff intimidated witnesses in Haiti scandal

Pennsylvania makes new slanted map towards the 2018 elections

Michael Moore sponsored Anti Trump rally

Mueller Gates Investigation
Tracy Beanz
Rick Gates will plead guilty in days possibly

still working on Seth Rich Murder

Gov Kasich takes out 2nd Amendment rights off his political website

Democrat Bob Casey in fear mode as more will be released towards elections

Not a single democrat can take credit for the economy

Huge good news for Wikileaks

FBI tampering w/ the mind of a 23 year old to carry out crimes -- Oklahoma

15 year old Kentucky threatening to bomb her school

Trump is winning so much, now they are going everywhere to tell people to ignore his tweets

28 counts of treason - American Intelligence Media

By-Laws Of International Tribune into crimes of church and state

Kelly Ward To John McCain, step down

Reince Preibus and his book

Maxine Waters = resign