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Monday, January 8, 2018

January 9, 2018 Tuesday

Message from Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Wikileaks site
James D'Amore filed against Google yesterday


Roseanne Barr stated in the past that she would be a better President than Oprah
this is from way back

Saying that Q will make a speech

Look at this TSA padding down a child that never set off the alarm

new truth channel - WATCH


Don't even know what Ivanka is thinking?  Hard to believe she would tweet at all, but for Oprah? who used that fake speech as a pitch to take over the Me Too Hashtag?
My jaw was on the floor

Sean Spicer - says No Bid for Oprah, he is correct

Euew  Euew  Bad Sick Teacher this is so horrible

Trump Executive Order Protects Veterans for 12 months w/ medical help, this is HUGE

Judge Anna Von Reitz

Florida Democrats Senators caught in an affair

Mexico - violence murder and arrests

Trump Will Not Be Removed

Mueller's Investigation was made to protect Hillary & Comey

Comey Did leak classified information

Democrats holding DACA hostage for votes

Julian Assange

Julian Assange - yes he is helping Trump and part of the administration

Joe Arpaio Running

CIA Name found on Weiner's Laptop