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The truth never changes, lies always do

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Everyone, I cannot take comments on the DNA scam.  People are so stupid they fall for that garbage and I cannot even believe the comments and questions I get.

For centuries before that SCAM, you could find your own ancestors, and you could also hire a private investigator, look up in libraries, and use your family tree

This scam came out of nowhere to STEAL DNA for the magnitude of reasons they want to use it, in science, testing, framing people, you name it.

It's part of government control since once they have your DNA, they OWN you, and can do anything with your life.

I am unable to even deal with people that are so stupid, they keep falling for DNA lies, and would set themselves up to be vilified by giving it voluntarily.

So for anyone that wants to have people smarten up, and share this blog, I set it up.  I am not able to deal w/ another moron asking a question about this, and I don't care what  side you are on, wake up and smarten up.  Once given, it can destroy your family for generations to come.

When they have yours, they can get a hair strand, or any piece of DNA from a relative and do whatever they want w/ it, and they use it to frame people like they tried w/ me.

This is even Chuck Schumer, the most idiotic dem in the planet or one of them, against DNA theft