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The truth never changes, lies always do

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 11/22 - 11/25


JFK Killed

More sick corruption and payoffs

Trump's Approval rating higher than other world leaders

Alan Dershowitz on Mueller

Fake News has all fake followers

Clinton Library refuses to give documents from the Library

144 vacant seats can turn the justice system around

Uber Muslim Drivers

Planned Parenthood dares to talk about family at Thanksgiving

FL on Hillary

Proposed Congress Rules


Ouch - Congress

GQ encouraging people to ruin Thanksgiving

Congress payouts

Our government never holds itself accountable for the millions of crimes committed, and they find a way to hold "we the people" to a different standard

There were many involved in this murder and the coverup, and with Donna Brazile's revelations, they can continue to probe for the truth

Dog & Turkey BFF"s

Massachusetts death former GOP


abortions all time low

Rand Paul

Uber Hack

Uber Muslim Drivers

Trump sends food to servicemen

Mysterious death


11.23/17  Thanksgiving

Mike Pence at Thanksgiving

Sean Hannity Cooking Turkey

Anthony Scaramucci

Trump About Sean Hannity

The Troops in Afganistan

Mike Huckabee

Pecan Pie & Sara Huckabee - sad they are this stupid going after a pie

Illegals blocking the Macy's Day parade - disgusting