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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pedogate 2

George Soros

Corey Feldman on Dr. Oz reveals another name

21 arrested in sting
Joe Biden - total pedo, can't wait until this breaks more

Creepy Video of Joe Biden stroking a 6 year olds' hair


Hillary Clinton on being cloned or something, so freaky

Demi Moore w/ teenager, this surfaced way back & was taken down before

Terry Crews

Warning this is FRIGHTENING to listen to, it's Podesta terrorizing a child

Donald trump drinking FIIJI Water = child trafficking



Al Franken jokes about raping babies,

Al Franken

The Creep List on Capital Hill

Harassment awards and settlements

3 Ohio Pastors - Wow

Pedo George Bush Sr.

Bill Clinton


Joe Biden got naked in front of Secret Service agent

Washington DC


Islmanic Slave trade

Mike Cernovich ' Ill go to jail for the source congress settlements on pedogate


everyone calling for Frankenstein to resign

Podesta in a panic

Jesse Jackson has parkinsons' days after his sexual misconduct allegations

Michael Moore - underage girls

Hillary goes to defend Al Franken

Corey Feldman

Ryan Seacrest

Alice In Wonderland

Jeff Sessions protecting his granddaughter from Joe Biden

I wrote to Corey Feldman, and he answered

Corey's response

Ohio caught in sex in the office

more allegations

wow look at this list

2nd list

pizzagate and John Podesta

alice in wonderland connected to pedophiles


Sent 11/19

Birmingham UK  Pedo land


More charges against Bill Clinton

Pizzagate hollywood - full house

Charlie Rose

100 Stories of Harassment

Hastert case gets dismissed

Jehovah's Witnesses told not to report sexual abuse

John Conyers - sexual predator  Paul Ryan Covered it up

Mike Cernovich - twitter hiding the trending

Mike Huckabee

Chelsea Clinton book - finally

OK just got word this is an old photo from 2012  but that is strange also, not sure why she would have that on


Melissa Gilbert - Oliver Stone

Harvey Weinstein's Secret Settlements


***********************  11/21 sent

The Swamp is draining