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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nov 7


Mar Largo Hotel visa's

Church gunman called his father during chase

Actress Mila Kunis makes donations to planned parenthood in Mike Pence's name - beyond belief

Trump in Japan

Virginia Election;postID=7622901845809510715;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=link

Trump on N. Korea

Florida - Greek Death

Trump not falling for tougher gun laws

Trump ending nigerian immigration protection status

CNN still covering for Clinton saying to dismiss Donna Brazile

They are saying they captured Obama in the Philippians

If you are on twitter, follow this girl, she always has the truth and updates

Obama assigned Jury Duty, ????? hard to fulfill that while fleeing

Church Shooter history

Trump's 11 day trip

Kellogg's - totally dangerous brand, they used baby parts in food, now they disgrace themselves on the box over our President

UraniumGate Expodes

Gov't mind control


USA not signing Paris Climate Accord Agreement

CIA Immigration - NWO

Drug Cartels & CIA

Man stabs his pitbull after he bit neighbor's dog - OMG

HUGE great video on how to break down the corruption

When civil liberties are violated

Saudi Arabia recovery

OMG Man Murders Woman who refused Marriage proposal

Anti Trump Protests were a dud

Donna Brazile

Trump Speaking on N. Korea

McCain - Uranium One

James Woods to Chelsea Clinton

Trump handling Chicago

Everyone backing away from Impeachment as a Strategy, including Pelosi

Nesara News -- Trump conquers NWO  More people are posting this, this is a good thing

Carter Page

Maine Sen King Says no to assault rifle ban


Brazile On Seth Rich Murder

Climate Change Fraud

Steve Harvey - Wisdom

Obama did not prosecute those w/ criminal backgrounds

Trump Bodyguard

Wasted government money inside SNAP - sad

Julian Assange - not missing a beat?

CNN actually posted dems have lowest view in 25 years, gee, I wonder why that is?

Donna Brazile on helping find the killer of Seth Rich

Judicial Watch - Debbie Wasserman

FBI can't break into shooter's phone - big problem w/ Apple

VA state polls

President Trump tweets to Billy Graham's father who turns 99 today

I am not sure if this is true, I don't know this website, and some sites on facebook post very fake news
NBA indictment

Guilty plea for lying about Trump

See election blog

Trump tweet, something brewing for tomorrow

You can't make this stuff up  Menendez trial juror asked for the definition of a "Senator"

FBI - So Corrupt

George Clooney on Hollywood Movies  (he has 5 month old twins now )


Trump's Welcoming in Japan

Trump on N. Korea & the abuse

The Truth about the MSM lies about Trump - great report

Twiiter went to 280 characters LOL (to compete w/ GAB)  Liberals can't handle longer tweets from our President LOL

Did DNC bribe journalists to push the Russia story????

FBI 7th Floor looks at Trump Whitehouse as they enemy,  Why?  They are the ones that have been committing the crimes w/ democrats, that's why