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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Keene Storage - Debra Moody Of Hinsdale NH - Bad Manager

Here is my security deposit for my storage unit

Here is my empty unit  on 12/17/19

Debra Moody is a scam renter / manager at storage facilities NH  (All Purpose Storage) and then somehow she took over the better place that was
Keene Storage, 20+ miles away

Debra Moody is a bully, and she lies so much that she can't be believed.

Renting her units in Hinsdale, that the lists as 10x10 are actually 8x8.  
They were infested w/ mice, both dead and alive, and she does nothing about it.  I had 3 mice in my unit there.

I moved out of there into Keene Storage with a nice owner, and within a few days after I got there, Debra Moody claims she was now manager there, after stating that she was "retiring" so she could go on cruises and vacations.

Somehow, she uses a US government mail truck, drives it out and collects the rents in NH w/ that vehicle.  I wonder if the post office knows that she is driving 25 miles one day (about) to work at another job.

Debra is a haunting bully, and once I left her awful place, and overcharges, it was horrible to find her taken over the storage in Keene. She claimed it was sold.  

The unit I rented was larger, as we combined units to have the 2 sided access.  Once Debra was there, I had to figure out where to move to and get out of there, since she is so toxic.  I would have worked w/ the prior owner, and stayed there, that owner had been so nice and she owned it for many years. 

Under Debra, new units were built and they all leak, very badly.  They don't let people know that, or even recommend putting things on pallets, but the floor gets soaked in rain and snow.

I moved out of my unit on December 15 and 16 and let Debra know on December 17, and showed her photos of the unit empty.

I also informed her, that I left because of her.  It was a horrible time to move in the beginning of winter.

Debra is just not trustworthy, nor does she operate in good faith.

So like when I left her Hinsdale unit, she falsified the move out date, and even tries to extort another month rent. 

Gate codes are based on your unit number and a pin code.  After you leave, I would imagine they disconnect your code.  But Debra sent a message that "they would continue to bill" until they received further notice.  

This is theft by extortion and fraud.  When you are moved out, they cannot charge you for storage.  

I paid a security deposit on my unit, which she is trying to NOT REFUND.  Under the owner that I signed with, I did not have to give notice, and I was told, I would be refunded that deposit.  That deposit is only in case I left trash or damaged my unit.

Debra is such a con and scammer, she is trying now to "keep charging rent" even though I have moved out.  

If anyone does not read that fine print of her message, and they have automatic debit from any credit or debit card, she would actually overcharge and steal another month of rent when you are gone.  

Her mind is very criminal and that is why I had to leave, I could never trust her at all, or deal with her.  She is lawless.

People need to protect themselves, because once she gets that extra month, you would have to fight her to get it back.  I never signed a contract w/ her when she took over, and she is being sent this as a notice that I want my security deposit back and her insane message of "will bill until further notice"  ignoring the actual notice she received is just how nuts she is.

Theft by extortion is a crime, but that is what she does.  And sadly she targets her renters, does not value them or the income she earns from their tenancy.

Debra was given notice prior to my renewal date of 12/18/19  but she posted it after that, in order to try to extort another month's rent.

If my security deposit is not returned by law, I will pursue it.