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Friday, December 15, 2017

Corey Campaign - Be Careful Who You Hire To Manage Any Campaign

Corey's Campaign is about humanity, and our right to be born & live in innocence, This amazing article tells the truth about how negligent & unfair we are in society, and how little even w/ revelations of pedophilia coming out left right and center, that no one listens even know, or pays attention to a survivor of pedophilia.

The Deep State, when you cross them, goes after anyone at all.  An executive order under Obama allowed for police to "make things up, & that they did.
Listed inside my petition are the crimes of the state of MA, and all that they did after I had a judge dismiss a case I won for $4.5 Million Dollars because he took a "payment" on the side from my former employee, to not pay me, even after I won.

When you cross the Deep state, they then try to blackmail you, and there was nothing to blackmail me with, I had owned a business, run it well, and did other great things in my community, including helping broken families.

Inside this lawsuit, you can see my case against the state, & the false allegations contained in it.  Now that we are restoring law and order, I get to go after the state for all that they did to me.

My False charges = dismissed

I'd be in jail if they were true, but they are false and I'm still here.   The government spent $2 million dollars on trying to falsely charge me and had to dismiss them .

Here is a copy of the false charges being dismissed
page 2

Blackmail & attempted blackmail are crimes, not a good idea to try either one
video watch

People need to ask why is any person resorting to blackmail?

Definition of Blackmail 1 a tribute anciently exacted on the Scottish border by plunder chiefs in exchange for immunity from pillage.  2. extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution  

Scroll down see the "threats" made to me after I chose to not be a partner w/ Kim Stern, and she kept making libelous statements - I was forced to put out my side of the story.  In the end, this becomes about her

You can see the comments inside my videos on Corey and defending him despite many trolls, and the support for me for sticking up for him and not calling him a gold digger over the movie.  I did not ever  have to do a single thing, but I felt very strongly that he needed support, and I did what I thought was right, putting aside my own legal issues and problems.

Just so people know, if I had not helped him in the ways that I did, and take over a week to start trying to partner w/ Kim, my lawsuit would even be further along.  I put my own list aside to support this campaign and internet scandal over his project, and I calmed many people down, because they trust me and my judgement.

Lawsuit here against my state for blackmail

MA state Petition here - gov't is very corrupt & jaded

Executive Order that police could make up crimes on anyone

Petition against the Websites that are violating everyone

The reason that I was able to help Corey, was that I know first hand what the deep state is and does to people.  From someone who was set up to be killed, just for telling the truth, I crawled my way to safety and exposed them, those that are committing crimes in MA government.

Just like Corey for exposing pedophilia, I know the fear they try to instill, the blackmail they try to put out there, & that is why I stood up for him, his right to money, and took on the deep state for him, as I had done to save myself.  No one person can do this alone, it takes all of us,  they can lie about me, lie about him, but in the end, the right people get it, believe and support you.

There are weak people, that try to use the lies and attempt to threaten or blackmail you, that is sad because that is a crime, and attempting to blackmail anyone with lies, over the truth, turns that person into a criminal.  And when people have a bad agenda, they threaten you and should not. 

My explaining the truth, and answering to lies and blackmail is not on me, I will always answer to the truth.

Kim Stern of Canada wanted to partner with me on a project of protecting children from crimes & pedophilia, and was so vulgar and unprofessional on social media that I was shocked.  And it kept happening, to the point of me just pulling away.  She was going through her own problems, but leaking them out all over social media, it was too much for me to endure and I tried to discuss it, but she kept jeopardizing everything with her lack of restraint and her very aggressive tactics.

Kim was not really the partner type, she just took over, did things she wanted, put them on social media and twitter, without even checking with me.  This is not a partner, partners decide things together.  I have been asked if she used me to get to Corey, since I was on YouTube and offering him ideas, I do not know.  She went from A to Z as far as taking over, & complicating things, and causing people inside Corey's circle to be very confused & insecure, and then it was hard for them to figure who we were & how we came into the ideas.  Someone had sent me that he was having trouble with donations, and I watched it continue on, so that's when I told him to go to start Go Fund Me.  But unlike Kim, I offered ideas and suggestions, and listened to him and what he needed, I was not looking for a larger role.  It was Kim that was trying to start up a whole separate agenda, and I had some idea on a back burner of a campaign for saving kids, but again, she just took off w/ that idea and started creating it her own way, which was not how I wanted it.  And during those times, again way too many hours on the phone, her own life in huge upset and pain, and then going way too aggressively with Corey for me, and I do not function that way.  I listen to people, and hear what they need to have, and suggest possible ideas.

There must be a few people that see through Kim, & her aggressive way to be a "groupie" .since my efforts to partner w/ her ended in early December.  She must be perceived as I saw her, & people can tell.  So she is not a person that is able to work w/ others, she thinks this project is hers, when people are so territorial and unable to share, work with others, they have some reason for that.  People ask me why a girl from Canada is even trying to act like a USA citizen.  I do not know, it was way too much drama, and feeling bad for a person does not mean that anyone has to handle their rage and hatred.  I do not hate, or have any opinion of her, other than a very short term partnership did not work out.  I do not like operating with people that are hateful and vindictive as you see here.

This is not how to leave a situation w/ dignity

Do you want this woman working for you?  I do not.

So let me get this straight.      She is threatening to call the police on me,  as I defend myself against her efforts to lie to everyone, and circulate a false blackmail story because I won't partner with a her?  And tell the cops what exactly?   That I used my own blog, my own channel to put out the truth and the other side?   Does this sound crazy to anyone? 

Again, the reason I could not continue w/ her was for what you see right here.  Does not make any sense at all. 

The logical thing for anyone to have done that had the project or Corey's best interests at heart was to mutually agree to just help him separately.  It was never supposed to be a competition, but a group of people to support this project.  I always work through issues, and even though I tried to do that, Kim was a bully, and stubborn, and just drained me of her personal trauma, and constant unprofessional ism on twitter.

I am not going to continue to spend my time in the sewer of this gossip and threats.  I have refrained from pulling my support for Corey despite a  bunch of new trolls, and new deep state creeps.

If the Go Fund Me campaign could, they would pull donations in a heartbeat, it was me that stopped that from my ability to fight law and the deep state.  And if security does not get paid, and then Indiego (not sure how to spell) does their nonsense again, the funding for this project is not going to be received.  I am however, not going to be abused, bullied, blackmailed or threatened by anyone another day on this,  I offered this support when no one else did, and I got it done.

It's sad when people don't even recognize who is who, and some people are really good liars, if anyone truly has the best interests of Corey, or fighting for children, they would want every single person on board, and not make it so that they were in control of everything, trying to block out others.   

Kim asked me not to tell Corey when I was worn out from her exhausting antics, and babysitting her on twitter, with the F' word, using the word dick to describe male body parts,  talking about her drinking, and then of course, USA politics when she is not even from USA.  She wanted to know everything I was discussing w/ Corey in efforts to help him, and trying to just assert a ridiculous amount of pressure, and texting me and writing to me on a 911 basis, it was over the top.  I have had enough, and as I stated, will not be taking a tablespoon of abuse over my help that I was lending to this project.

I am not sure about anyone else, but I would not want a person like this trying to be on my campaign, in fact, I would make sure they were not on my campaign,.

Back Story

When Corey Feldman made his video & story,  I immediately made videos to help

I did this at a really busy time of year, took time to defend his, his campaign & the rights of children from anywhere to be left innocent & unharmed.

Corey's Bravery will change the world, & here is why
important to watch this video - explains a lot

There is no easy way to become successful, there is someone always trying to take you down, do it anyway, build it despite all obstacles

Strong people have never had easy lives, but they are always protected

No one in Corey's camp uses foul language on social media, the "F" work, or describes male body parts to describe anything they are discussing, as that is so unprofessional.  His FeldFam is so kind & sweet and while people may not agree with him or his life, he is the best advocate for the rights of children and the survival of pedophilia.   During multiple phone calls, and some twitter conversations, I realized the differences between myself  and Kim.  I asked her to delete those tweets since they were so unprofessional.  She then wrote a bunch more.  She wanted to spend hours on her own problems, & was so out of control, she was interfering w/ my life.

Our contact ended in early December, but she was could not just keep it to herself & move on, I was stunned to see she was still talking about me this much later on.

When people want to work together, it needs to be about work, and she was not trying to work as a team, but in competition, and it was really sad.  What was worse is that she has proceeded to lie about it, even though, I just disconnected & did not contact her other than a phone call and text to dissolve the partnership that had commenced.  I had not said another word to anyone, including Corey.  I just continued w/ my own life.

Upon ending this plan together, I left took time to make her a private video as she had worn me out, demanding my time & constantly bombarding me night & day,  she never responded.  I needed to make sure our joint work together was separated, and she could continue on w/ her own plans, but not be joined w/ me or my work.

Here is the message I left her on my cell phone,
She never responded, but then continued on social media,  I stand for protecting all children from all types of abuse, my channel has healed thousands of survivors, and I just continued on my own.

I have healed many thousand people, some who were contemplating suicide as young as 13 years old.  Some have endured pedophilia and have so much self loathing.  I never knew how prevalent this was in society until I got on YouTube.  I made all of my videos free for people, and at one time, was healing celebrities from this also.  They were in very dangerous frames of mind, and had no way to figure out how to heal.

There was no balance in Kim's life, she was from my point trying to take over, even for Corey, it was way too much.  I just did not want to have to babysit her very wrong tweets that were looking so bad.
In our 40's we are supposed to know who to handle ourselves. to clean up their tweets.  Everyone on the Corey campaign was doing such a great job, and I just could not believe that this girl was using twitter as though it was between her and Corey, but visible to the world.   I have been on to something else the entire month, and not even connected to this type of antics, and now blackmail in order to try to "show people" what?  That I helped when no one else did, that I got his payments going?  People need to drain the swamp that is drowning out the intent of this campaign.

I don't have room or time for games, but I am going to set the record straight.

Videos I did for Corey

Corey putting himself in front of pedophilia

Corey's Taped Interviews found

Corey's 2nd Fundraiser, my idea and I took on GoFundMe to assure his donations were not blocked or stopped as they were doing this to his 1st campaign,  I threatened them both w/ a federal lawsuit so that the donations went through, and it was after that, they did stop and put donations through,  I had to take this on to Twitter to both of them in order to allow him to collect donations, which they had been blocking from the deep state and I knew this, and fought for him

I updated for him on my blog

I helped get signatures for this petition

Standing up for Corey when they started targeting him

Helped him get donations

dedicated a radio interview on his cause & survival

I encouraged everyone to work together & to have the same goal.  This is a cause that is the heart of the nation.

Even though I was unable to partner with a person, I encouraged her to work together and have that same goal.  Instead she's been trying to slander my name, very sad, but she has not told the truth, and insecurity & being selfish are sad traits, I don't have those, I always give and want peace.

Here is what I received that this person has been tainting Twitter with, for no reason, I have not tried to involve anyone else, nor have I said a word, including to Corey,

People want to protect me from slander and lies,

I was sent this tweet also, of this person that does not live in USA, does not know  our laws, how they work, & while involved in Corey's campaign, incorrectly wrote about our President & laws.  This is so innappropriate and does not look good, but it gets involved in politics in a bad way, demeans the procees since our President does not make laws, Congress does, and for this law that Corey wants, a Federal Law would only be implemented under certain conditions.  Each state inside the USA sets their own laws, & they pass crimes, statutes, and sentences for particular crimes.  Federal law can only get involved in laws that pertain to the Constitution, all 50 states, and things that involve more than one state at a time, such as a kidnapping that crosses state lines, or a person that kidnaps a child for purposes of abuse, then federal statutes apply.  It does not have anything to do w/ a President at all, and it's reckless to even write that on social media.

She tweeted this also, again, nothing to do w/ Corey, but her own story, and while I tried very hard to have her keep this private, and heal herself so she could focus on protecting kids, she was truly in mourning over her loss, but mixing it into a different agenda of Corey's.

Out of respect for Corey, and his campaign, I told this person to delete her vile tweets, clean up her language, and to stay focused on Corey and his campaign, and deal w/ her problems personally.  She showed this to people, instead of truly listening, and while people did not have the other side, she tried to defame me, without telling them that I was looking out for Corey and his right to a classy appearance on social media.

I have also been sent links about Corey & his life, they are not any part of this campaign, and also are sent to try to demean his own success.

He has found the right people, and so true in his decisions to do this, that all of that is irrelevant, and I do not let people try to demean his strength to lead in this massive world issue.

He stated that he is staying in the center, and he is correct, this is not about politics, but it's about saving children and preserving innocence.

Corey speaks with compassion, clarity, and an amazing intellect and can truly make a huge difference and help save children.  It was never up to him to take down Hollywood on his own, and many people both comment and bully on my channel, trying to demean him and whatever, in order to not allow him to be successful.  He will be successful anyway.

He is a very loving and caring person, something that many victims are robbed of, once they are violated in any point in their lives.

The campaign takes every single person that cares about children and protecting them to work together and not be so trivial that they taint their own mission.  When people donate, and become part of a movement, they have a certain place in the destiny.  All of the jealousy, games, and trying to exclude people should cease, and people work together.

I would hope that the libelous comments about me out of a stranger cease, I never did anything but try to support and give awareness to this, and then defend Corey, tell him that he did not have to do this on his own, and people need to let him succeed, and that will happen, despite little wrinkles like this.

What we create on social media, becomes our resume, we should keep it clean, and not make it personal,

When people are toxic, you have to just leave them behind, they come in all type of people with hidden agendas, you always have to watch your back