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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lorence Hud The Canadian Singer & His Issues W/ Canada

I tried to help a dangerous and horrible situation, where things were not told in truth, and the parties want to "blame" anyone that tried to help.  They presented a false narrative on twitter to everyone, and lied about Sheila Yarnell being held hostage, and no one knew what to do.  This was untrue, the Canaadian government was not holding her, in fact they deported her.  Americans that did not have the facts and background were lost and did not know what to do.

No one can stay in a country without a lawful visa, and hers had expired, but she was there long beyond her date of expiration.  And the vile tweets that were coming out, were false both from Sheila and from Lorence Hud himself.

Lorence Hud wrote messages to me, that both and and Sheila Yarnell were going to die, he wrote me that they would both die inside the house and were not leaving.  And he was beyond any measure of reason.

Lorcence Hud has connected w/ me for help after having a petition against the death of his mother, and saying that is was a tortured killing.

I do not know Lorence Hud, he was on twitter, as was Sheila Yarnell
They were speaking out against Canada and Justin Trudeau, and injustice, and the Secret Crown

They sent him a document, for a hearing that had no date, which is ridiculous, and so unjust, but his handling of it was just as bad.  He started to withhold taxes on his property, and not pay in order to try to force a lawful hearing, and that of course backfired.

Lorence wrote to me in private messages on twitter, and got very desperate

When Sheila Yarnell went up there, she did not know him, except for twitter, and she got to Canada on a very short visa.  (a tourist visa)

Lorence had written to me, that they were both going to die in the house, before they surrendered.

They were making strange videos to Canadian government and Lorence kept tweeting that Sheila was a hostage of that country, and being held, when the government was not holding her.

In fact, they had to break in and go get Lorence and Sheila, because her visa had expired, and she was not allowed to stay in Canada at all, no one is, when you are an overstay, you are deported.

After they got her, she was deported from there and sent back to USA

In the meantime, Lorence had blocked me from twitter, and blocked anyone that tried to help and tried to get to the truth.  He would not even tell me who Sheila was to him, he said to call her his sister

Lorence is still bashing his government via twitter and Sheila who does not know me, is now tweeting all about me, who had been conned and lured into trying to help on a very messed up situation.

I told Lorence long before his arrest, to do the right thing, surrender, let Sheila go, and get lawful help and maybe a doctor or a lawyer, and instead, he did the opposite and got arresteted

No one knew if Sheila had been held against her will, but it was not the Canadian government holding her as all of the tweets stated, and since they were involved me, Dr. Phil, Fox News, Sean Hannity, President Trump, etc, it was my DUTY to explain that something was very wrong, and even though I had no idea what, the narrative that was being put out by Lorence was false.

People tried to help Sheila, but no one had success, and no one knew why she was overstaying her time in Canada, when it's against the law.

People were asking me to set the record straight and try to reach both parties.  I spent MONTHS on trying to help not 1 but 2 strangers.  Sheila professes to be a patriot and Pro Trump, however, she was not helping the false narrative that the government was holding her hostage in Canada, which was all over her and Lorence's twitter accounts.   They were tweeting both Justin Trudeau and President Trump and everyone else, and the government was not holding Sheila.  When they tried to go and get her, Lorence again used twitter to try to threaten them.

While most people would be thankful that others cared and tried to help and not pass any judgement, as I did not, and still do not, neither one of them "gets it" and think they can write anything they want on twitter, even if false.  Sheila and Lorence are both looking for attention, and for people to fall for only their narrative, when it is not true, and they refuse help, which would accomplish what they are seeking.  They block anyone that does not allow them to ask questions, get to truth, or try to fix their situation, which is now a result of criminal charges pending.

She's going after me on Twitter now, with attacks, and saying not only that I should apologize, but that the problem is mine,  they have both been charged in Canada and both just seek very backwards attention, and won't back down.

They are so selfish and toxic, that they think Twitter is between them and their audience, and they have no idea, they were effecting the entire world, and trying to destroy 2 adjoining countries and governments, and still do not care.  Everyone needs to stop falling for their lies, and reversal of facts.

Lorence Stopped paying taxes on his property in 2015 to force a meeting

article inside the video

here is some of the history

Sadly, the lesson for everyone is that some people try to profess Christianity, love, and love of Trump when they in fact, are betraying their own leader, and conning everyone into a very unhealthy situation that they do not choose to fix in accordance with laws.

They are in court now, and still trying to misuse social media and not put out the facts,